Often, ideas and scenes don’t make it into the final book. Here’s a few examples.


The original Elsie Clarke & The Vampire Hairdresser had a whole thing about how Boris became a barber’s apprentice. It took the story off in too much of a tangent so I cut it.


In the first version of Douglas You Need Glasses!, I had Douglas befriend a group of beatniks. His new eyesight had made him curious about the wider world and he wanted to discuss his findings. The male characters didn’t survive into the final story. But if you look at the ‘Glasses View” spread you can see the girl beatnik by the duck pond.


At the end of Shark Dog!, the explorers’ boat sailed through an icy seascape. We changed it to a tropical scene so this poor penguin had to go 🙁


In the Ava And The Rainbow (Who Stayed), we submitted to publishers, Ava campaigns for a town hall meeting about her friend the rainbow and gets one. But once I started working on the book with Harper Collins, this scene went – partly to create space but mainly because it held up the flow of the story.


I always liked this image from I Want To Grow but it had to be sacrificed so we could give a whole page to another scene. Sometimes you have to make these tough choices for the good of your book!


There was actually a king in the original Elsie Clarke & The Vampire Hairdresser!


My first idea for Douglas, You Need Glasses! had Douglas hungry for knowledge.