Douglas, You Need Glasses!   Out May 2016. Click pic for linkage.



Sketch for new story



From Shark Dog - out 2017






Sneek peek at art for Shark Dog. Coming soon from Harper Collins!






Nancy and Douglas.






Detail from Douglas You Need Glasses!





Been playing around with collage idea.





This was for a poster for a writing competition.



My Agent Isy and her pug Rosie for the Creative Authors Website.

Work in progress. Opening spread for a new story.





I found this character when I was looking through doodles from over a year ago. I like her. Maybe I can use her in a story in the future?



Running up that hill. Notebook sketch for new story idea.



Muriel has doughnuts! From I Want To Grow. Out 2017



Poor Herb! From I Want To Grow. Out 2017

Explorer dad and his son. A new story I'm working on.



Was that a shark we just saw? Detail uncoloured from the same story.

From Douglas, You Need Glasses!


Illustrations I did for a counsellor's website.

Endpapers design for Meet The Mckaws

Meet The McKaws.

Splashing around at the seaside.


Feeding the ducks.


I love the old London Routemaster buses.

Douglas smelling flowers sketch.

Exam Time

Exam time.


From Meet The McKaws.

Rebuilding the ship. From Meet The McKaws.


Detail from a new story I'm working on.



I did this cat and dog fight for a short film by Steve Cope for the National Autistic Society.   Click on image to see the film.



Elsie Clarke Book Trailer!

This is the trailer for Elsie Clarke And The Vampire Hairdresser. Put together by the talented Lee Wilson Wolfe with the voice of Denise Brereton and music by me.

From Elsie Clarke And The Vampire Hairdresser.


Original sketch of Elsie with poem.

Meet The McKaws sketches.


For a documentary about shoe designer Terry De Havilland. I was asked to do caricatures of some of his famous clients.